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A Local's Well Kept Secret Enclave

The Sanctuary


There are currently no listings in the community or at that address. Please contact us for more options.

Neighborhood Details


The tranquil haven known as The Sanctuary Subdivision lies within Mesilla Park, New Mexico's charming enclave. With its roots dating back to the early 2010s, this community exudes a unique blend of modernity and rustic charm. The subdivision's initial phase laid the foundation for a neighborhood that seamlessly blends into the surrounding natural beauty. A new chapter has begun with the unveiling of Phase 2A, featuring 17 thoughtfully designed lots ranging from 1/3 to 1/4 of an acre each. Prospective homeowners eagerly anticipate Phase 2B, providing them with 76 new lots to transform into their dream homes.

The Sanctuary Subdivision is more than just a neighborhood; it's a local's well-kept secret. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, this community offers a serene escape from the ordinary. Its hidden gem status is a testament to the residents' desire for a peaceful and private lifestyle. While the absence of traditional community amenities may be noteworthy, the natural allure lies in the opportunity to shape your oasis amidst the enchanting Southwestern landscape. From adobe-inspired architecture to desert flora, every detail reflects the region's unique character.

As the sun sets behind the Organ Mountains, residents of The Sanctuary Subdivision can unwind on their spacious lots, reveling in the tranquility this hidden sanctuary affords. Here, neighbors aren't just people who live nearby; they're companions on a shared journey to create a harmonious existence within a desert paradise. With Phase 1A now gracing the landscape and the impending launch of Phase 2B, the allure of this undiscovered haven only grows stronger, beckoning those who seek a truly unique and peaceful living experience amidst the heart of Mesilla Park.

The Sanctuary


There are currently no listings in the community or at that address. Please contact us for more options.

The community is bound by Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). While the downloadable document may not reflect the latest version, along with any addendums or amendments, the title company involved in the transaction can pull the most recent version. Please note that this information is solely for informational purposes.

Connor Murray & Cristal Garcia

Connor Murray


Founder | Luxury Real Estate Advisor

A dynamic and ambitious real estate advisor with a background in architecture, marketing and development, brings a unique blend of youthful energy, extensive market experience across multiple states, and a commitment to leveraging technology for intelligent and seamless buying and selling processes.

Cristal Garcia


Luxury Real Estate Advisor

A bilingual real estate advisor who has resided in Southern New Mexico for over 25 years, with a background as a former Planning Commissioner and 15 years of experience as a Designer & Project Manager, offers an energetic and friendly approach to providing exceptional customer service by simplifying processes and proactively addressing challenges.

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