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There are currently no listings in the community or at that address. Please contact us for more options.

Neighborhood Details


The University neighborhood in Las Cruces is a vibrant and diverse community nestled on the city's southern side, surrounding the sprawling campus of New Mexico State University (NMSU). The heart of this neighborhood is University Avenue, which serves as the main artery connecting the university to the city. Here, you'll find a rich tapestry of cultural and recreational experiences that make this neighborhood truly unique.

The University Corridor is a hub of artistic and cultural activities. It's a haven for art enthusiasts with numerous museums and art galleries. The neighborhood boasts a thriving performing arts scene, including professional theater, music ensembles, and symphonies, regularly hosting visiting artists and national performers. You can catch professional road shows and explore on-campus public radio and TV stations. For those looking for physical activity, the University neighborhood has an 18-hole golf course, tennis facilities, activity centers, and a natatorium for swimming and aquatic activities.

The heart and soul of the University neighborhood is New Mexico State University, a comprehensive institution with a dynamic and multicultural population. NMSU consistently ranks among the top institutions in Forbes' America's Best Colleges. During the school year, the NMSU Las Cruces campus becomes home to over 21,000 students, faculty, staff, and residents, making it a vibrant and bustling part of the city. Additionally, the Doña Ana Community College's main campus, located on the NMSU campus, adds another 7,500 students to the mix, making NMSU the equivalent of the 9th largest city in New Mexico.

While technically outside the city limits, NMSU is also the largest land-grant university in the nation in terms of size. The Chihuahuan Desert Rangeland Research Facility, known as the College Ranch, and various other facilities and campuses throughout the county contribute to the expansive NMSU campus, encompassing over 105 square miles in Doña Ana County alone. This vast campus provides educational opportunities and a beautiful backdrop to the University neighborhood, creating a unique blend of academia and natural beauty.

In the University neighborhood of Las Cruces, you'll experience the perfect fusion of culture, education, and recreation. It's a place where the spirit of learning meets the richness of art and outdoor activities, making it a dynamic and inviting community for residents and students alike.



There are currently no listings in the community or at that address. Please contact us for more options.

The community is bound by The University District Overlay (UDO). While the downloadable document may not reflect the latest version, along with any addendums or amendments, the title company involved in the transaction can pull the most recent version. Please note that this information is solely for informational purposes.

Connor Murray & Cristal Garcia

Connor Murray


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A dynamic and ambitious real estate advisor with a background in architecture, marketing and development, brings a unique blend of youthful energy, extensive market experience across multiple states, and a commitment to leveraging technology for intelligent and seamless buying and selling processes.

Cristal Garcia


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A bilingual real estate advisor who has resided in Southern New Mexico for over 25 years, with a background as a former Planning Commissioner and 15 years of experience as a Designer & Project Manager, offers an energetic and friendly approach to providing exceptional customer service by simplifying processes and proactively addressing challenges.

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