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A New Beginning: Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces Closes on New Home

As of Monday, January 15th, the Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces has successfully closed the deal on their new location. This significant milestone in their journey is not just a new chapter for the Club but also a beacon of hope for our community. As we delve into this exciting development, let's briefly recap the remarkable journey that has brought them to this point.

The Boys & Girls Club new facility location, at 1005 El Paseo Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88001

A Rich History: 2023 held immense significance for the Club, celebrating its 60th anniversary since its establishment in Las Cruces in 1963. Over the years, the Lou & Mary Henson Breakfast has become a cornerstone, commemorating its 15th anniversary as the Club's primary fundraiser. This event has not only attracted big names in sports but has also played a crucial role in shaping the Club's trajectory.

A decade ago, Ashley Echavarria took on the role of Chief Executive Officer at 26, steering the Club through a decade of growth and impact. Her dedication to the Club's mission has been unwavering, and last year marked the remarkable 10th anniversary of her leadership.

However, last year's highlight came during the 2023 Lou & Mary Henson Breakfast, where Echavarria revealed the Club's ambitious plans for a new home. The old Allen Theatres' Video 4 building on El Paseo Road has been selected for renovation, representing a dream realized for the Club. Echavarria expressed her enthusiasm, acknowledging the enormity of the project while emphasizing the deserving nature of the youth they serve.

At the event, Mary Henson, widow of esteemed coach Lou Henson, shared insights into the Club's ethos. Drawing parallels to special guest Anthony "Spud" Webb, whose journey from a Boys Club member to an NBA star resonated with the audience, Henson highlighted the transformative impact of the Boys & Girls Club on young lives.

The event also spotlighted Alex Saenz, a current club member named Member of the Year, whose personal story underscored the vital support provided by the Boys & Girls Club during challenging times. Saenz's narrative exemplified the Club's commitment to fostering resilience and success in its members.

In response to increasing demand and challenges faced during the pandemic, the Boys & Girls Club outlined this ambitious project. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding, the preliminary stages of feasibility, engineering, design, and construction have been successfully propelled. The new facility aims to triple the capacity to serve 250 Las Cruces youth daily. It will feature an expanded commons area, art room, STEM Lab, learning center, theater / multipurpose room, teen wing, and gymnasium, to name a few.

The Boys & Girls Club new facility location, at 1005 El Paseo Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88001

Despite the optimism surrounding this new venture, a minor hiccup occurred when a fire broke out in one theater of the old Video 4 on El Paseo Road in May of 2023. Firefighters responded promptly, and while the cause is under investigation, no injuries were reported. To the public, this could be seen as a huge setback. Thankfully, this incident is best described as minor as the core of the building is built out of concrete masonry units with precast concrete Trusses, which ensured the structure remained intact. Although, this helped propel the demolition of the one theater affected!

As the Boys & Girls Club of Las Cruces navigates these challenges, their resilience and commitment to the community's youth remain unwavering. The journey toward the new facility symbolizes physical expansion and a renewed commitment to providing a nurturing environment for the next generation. The closing of the new facility building marks a significant milestone in bringing this idea to fruition, promising hope, growth, and positive change for the Club and its community. Want to learn more about how to get involved? Check out their website for full details.


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